martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

Hello people (: Welcome to my english blog

´In this blog I will reflect the different topics covered in class. I'm on the fifth level of English in URBE program.

Hello, My name is Yefersson Villasmil, I am of Zulia. San Francisco municipality, sector Coromoto. I have 18 years and I am studying in public accounting URBE

my passion is football. sport more beautiful of the world as well as women hehe, I like to go out on weekends to share with friends or family gatherings, shopping malls and other places where you can have fun, listening to music, work and succeed in life (:

My dream is to graduate in my career, doing post-graduate and have a decent job so as to make having my own business, establish a family and come to a successful man in life and ARRIVE favor with God.

Well this is a short summary of my tastes and my dreams.

the English a great tool todayAbout English, is very interesting to learn a new language. And I know that English is essential today in the world. since childhood I am learning English and want to have the opportunity someday to establish a conversation with someone from another country. I hope to learn much in this course.

Tap into your life and live it healthily...